duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

Marsyas - Lonely Tears

Oras : București
Genere : Gothic Metal
Website : http://www.marsyas.go.ro

Ultima componenta  :
Radu Moldovan - Drums
Anca Constantinescu - Keyboards (DinUmbră)
Tudor Niţu - Vocals, Guitar
Flavius Prelipcean - Bass (Abigail, Bolthard)

Lonely Tears, 2003
1.As The Whispers Gather...01:09
2.Forever After You04:28
3.Messenger Of Life05:18
7.Sunset (acoustic version)04:20
8.Lonely Tears06:17
9....And Leave00:59
Total playing time36:05

Download : rapidshare

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Greenheart spunea...

Link is dead, can you please upload it again? I've been looking for this album as a crazy.

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