sâmbătă, 11 decembrie 2010

Stih - Shadow Torn

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Oras : Suceava
Genere : Gothic/Black Metal

Ultima componenta :
Veronica Luparu - Vocals (Piatra)
Bogdan Luparu - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (Bucovina, Piatra)
Mihai Bialuca - Violin, Keyboards, Programming (New Age)

Shadow Torn(demo), 2003
1.The Call01:23
2.The Field03:11
3.My Tear06:58
4.Cold Palms04:25
5.The Angel`s Fall05:56
7.To The Rainfalls01:31
Total playing time28:31

Download : mediafire

Sphera Noctis - Memory of Forever

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Oras : București
Genere : Pagan Black Metal
myspace : http://www.myspace.com/spheranoctis

Ultima componenta :
Copak - Vocals
Irinel Cârlănaru - Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Clean Vocals (Bolthard)
Mihai "Tase" Tănăsescu - Drums (Avskild, Kratos, Deviant, Onderah)

Memory of Forever, 2006
1.Memory of Forever05:50
2.Mist and Magic05:49
3.Wish for War06:33
Total playing time18:59

Download : mediafire

Spiritual Ravishment - Children of the Atom

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Oras : Oradea
Genere : Black metal (early), Grindcore / Death metal
myspace : http://www.myspace.com/spiritualravishment

Componenta curenta :
Stancu Sebastian - Vocals (Formerly Also Guitar)
Bejusca Andrei - Guitar (Cronic)
Lorand Deme - Bass
Ali Said - Drums

Children of the Atom, 2010
1.Evil Activities (External Gamma Exposure)03:36
3.God at My Feet04:29
4.Those About to Rot05:43
5.Grinding On03:20
6.Dark Matter04:39
8.Shake Hands with the Apocalypse04:06
Total playing time33:40

Download : mediafire

Spectral - Autopsy of Hope

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Oras : Piteşti
Genere : Progressive Death Metal
myspace : http://www.myspace.com/spectralmetal

Componenta actuala :
Liva - Vocals
Ciprian Martin - Guitar
Daniel Tudosie - Guitar
Septimiu Harsan - Drums (2009-) (Code Red)
Cybernetic Intelligence - bass

Autopsy of Hope, 2007
2.The Unknown Nothing05:19
3.Autopsy of Hope05:27
4.The Art of Pain04:54
5.Dream Destroyer08:15
Total playing time27:29

Download : mediafire