sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

Satanochio - From Beyond

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Oras : București
Genere : Avant-Garde Black Metal,grind
Website : http://www.satanochio.com

Componenta actuala :
Satanochio - Screams, Guitar, Piano, Effects (Extinction Algorithm, Nightpray)
Grui Sanger - Bass, Guitar, Backing Scream
IV - Bass
Nimenea - Drum

Nota : The Digipack has a different artwork.

Kvohst, the ex- Dødheimsgard member plays on track 10 as a guest.

From Beyond, 2008
1.Athene Noctua03:39
2.Outcast The Darkest04:03
3.Point Seven Five Ounces02:44
6.From Beyond04:06
8.View From My Coffin02:54
9.Perpetuum Horrible07:05
10.I'm Not Me But Tomorrow I Can Be05:42
Total playing time39:33

Download : depositfiles