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Grohot Vomil - Extreme Vomit Resolution

Oras : Zalau
Genere : Grindcore/Death Metal
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Ultima componenta :
Miril ``Vomil`` - Vocals
Vlad ``Grohot`` - Guitars (Daos)

Notă : Ultimul album(2005) numit "Grohot Vomil" poate fi descarca de pe adresa de a trupei : adica de aici

Extreme Vomit Resolution(demo), 2004
3.Cock Sucking Whore01:21
4.Pink Panties00:10
5.Cold Of The Night02:17
7.Alien Invasion00:40
8.Grohot Vomit Voices00:25
10.Luciferus Cannibalus00:50
11.Kill The Parasite02:33
12.Let Woody Rape Your Ass01:25
13.Once Upon A Time In A Cemetary...03:57
14.Fred The Alcoholic00:30
15.Angela's Anal Injection00:54
16.Empty Vomil00:10
17.When Satan Drinks Your Beer00:53
18.Divine Blood03:37
19.Tic - Tac00:16
20.Are You Dead01:56
21.Monster Sex01:41
22.Rotten Pussy01:14
23.I Rot02:02
24.Deepthroat And Cum Spit Facial02:46
25.Blood of A Virgin01:22
27.Killed by a Maggot03:18
Total playing time37:53

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