vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

Discografie Indian Fall

Oras : Braşov
Genere : Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (early), Atmospheric Death/Black Metal (later)
Website :

Componenta curenta :
Catalin Mierlea (Djeeckx) - Vocals
Adrian Vitanescu - Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Code Red, Putrefaction, Leprosy Abscess (Guest))
Radu Barna - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals (As Heaven Ends, Dirty Insides)
Mircea Fulea - Keyboards
Adrian Nagy - Bass (As Heaven Ends)
George Bratosin - Drums (Leprosy Abscess, Symbios too, Thy Shadows, Forgotten Melancholy, Evisceration, False Reality)

Albume :
1. Counting The Emptiness(demo)2000
2. Shadows2000
3. Pathfinder2001
4.Counting The Emptiness (Re-edit)2003
5.Seasons In Equilibrium2009

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