duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Era Decay - Silent Stories

Oras : Suceava
Genere : Melodic Death/Doom Metal
myspace : http://www.myspace.com/eradecay

Componenta curenta :
Serban - Vocals
Colin - Guitar, Bass (Shadowsong, Donkerland)
Alex Suciu - Drums (Backlash)

Live/Session Musician(s):
Nistor (Shadowsong, Donkerland)

Silent Stories, 2009
1.The Silent Story04:47
2.Behind The Emptiness03:19
3.Into My Own03:42
4.Earth Answer02:45
6.Letum Orchestra04:45
7.Flowers Of Evil02:38
8.Rains Within My Soul03:03
Total playing time28:29

Download : mediafire

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