vineri, 15 aprilie 2011

Atys - In Darkness - In Light

Oras : Deva
Genere : Industrial Black Metal

Ultima componentă :
Giani - Vocals (Deimos)
Radu Barb - Programming, Vocals (Deimos)
Corina - Bass (Deimos)
Iurghen - Guitar (Deimos)

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In Darkness - In Light
1.The Law Of The Strong (Tribute to Aleister Crowley)02:20
2.Your Flame03:14
3.Love Is Lost (Review In Another Dimension)04:21
4.Against The Ignorance02:26
6.Puterea Si Maretia Intunericului03:17
7.Windows To The Fourth Dimension03:31
8.Table Of Covenant03:18
9.Before The Sin01:09
10.The Secret Of Creation01:32
11.Enochian Calls01:58
13.Shadows Land02:16
Total playing time33:20

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