luni, 10 ianuarie 2011

Shadowsong - Elegies of Dusk and Shadows

Oras : Suceava
Genere : Death/Black Metal
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Componenta actuala :
Serban “Eisenroth” Nistor - Vocals, Guitar (Era Decay, Donkerland)
Andreas “Septhiroth” Szabo - Guitar
Kelly - Bass, Backing Vocals (Era Decay)
Adrian “Cerberus” Gâlbãu - Drums (Piatra)

Elegies of Dusk and Shadows, 2010
1.Ambram Regnum05:03
3.Shadow song04:15
5.Scorn manifest03:13
6.Fuel the fire of Ascension03:28
7.A chant for the damned03:43
8.Our Path Enlighlened04:26
Total playing time31:58

Download : mediafire

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